Monday, June 13, 2011

The Tournament in Hindsight...

Well the weekend has come to its end.
On behalf Philly Bike Polo, thanks to everyone involved with the East Side Polo Invitational 6, Presented by FUZE!!!!!!

After 6 months of planning, a two day Regional Qualifying Tournament changed the polo minds across the nation, and the world, about the city of Philadelphia! I'm very proud of the success of this tournament and the players that were here and all of the people that made this possible!
The games were exciting, the weather pretty much cooperated all weekend, the facility, Rizzo Rink, was perfect, the locals hosting teams were amazing, the sponsors were well received and so much appreciated!!! A total of 136 games were played over both Saturday and Sunday!

Congratulations are owed to THE BEAVER BOYS II MEN for taking home the championship cup! Now on their way back to Milwaukee, I'm sure Eric Kremin, Brian Dillman, and Joe Burge are reliving different details of the game and discussing a way to take the next one home...which I believe for them is the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships this coming August. After Saturday you were sitting in 8th place, Sunday you played well and made it all the way through UNDEFEATED!!!
Congrats guys! Enjoy the glory!

So I want to post the results, with a caution that the number to the right of the team name is the goals scored throughout the day, but teams, even though tied, may not have played the same amount of when you view the results it does not assign a rank based on goals scored, I just thought you might want to see your total.

Qualified for NAHBPC:

Champions: BEAVER BOYS II MEN -24

2nd: Guinea Pigeons - 18
3rd: Silent Majority - 26
4th: Coco Kiwi - 18
5th: Boston Cremes - 16
5th: Slaughter House Polo - 23
7th: Shut Up Dude - 11
7th: Nice Guys - 15

Qualified for the Wild Card Tournament leading up to NAHBPC:
9th: Toronto Raptures - 17
9th: Illa-Noise - 17
9th: Cycle Killers 18
9th: Fur Trappers 8

And these are the remaining 12 placements:
13th: The Coven - 7
13th: The Leper Colony - 6
13th: Smoking Babes Smoking Weed - 14
13th: DC Shattered Glass - 11
17th: Banned from the Children's Museum - 5
17th: Philthy Couriers - 6
17th: Empathic Silicone - 3
17th: Bad Boy Things - 6
17th: Total Chaos - 5
17th: God Dammit Bruce - 3
17th: Shit Squad - 4
DFL: Team Butt Stuff - 2

female MVP: Maija [custom mvp trash bag with stuff inside]
male MVP: Nick Kruse aka Rookie Nick....[won a Joust as well as the mvp pack and stuff inside]
I also feel bad that I didn't mention this, forgot/didn't see it on my pad of paper...but White Industries gave each mvp a 21 tooth freewheel.

The sponsors for this tournament were amazing! Thank you all once again! The prizes, and everything else your donations made possible, were very well received and appreciated!!!! In the end we had a total of 31 sponsors that donated!!!! The boards were covered with your logos and you deserved every single bit of that exposure! thank you!!!

There are always so many people to thank as an organizer. First I have to thank the Philly Bike Polo club for putting up with my 'meetings', questions, harassment, and general stressy attitude. Next I have to thank the volunteers from Saturday and Sunday. You all came out of the woodwork and did what needed to be done to keep things going and to lighten my load. Tournaments will always need volunteers and we can't have them without you. Way to be there. And the players! Thank you all for coming. Some of you came from a great distance...ahem Sydney and Copenhagen...and some of you just came in for the days...but either way it was amazing to see all of you again and to have you in Philly to share this tournament with. The caliber of play that hardcourt bike polo is at now is astounding and you all played it out on our fabulous courts with dignity and with respect. There was not a single major or even minor injury this weekend beyond scrapes and a few small cuts. Such a great thing to be able to say after the fact.
I have to just say a few names off the bat. You know why I'm saying thanks to did a lot for me and for this tournament...Steve Breese, Marco, Baby Joey, Chuck, Cris GT, Lauren, Goast, Paul R., Steve Starwars, Santana, Brendan mchugh, Ian, Jess, Brooke, Emily, Brian, Tara, Scotty, Mark, Mabry, Dan, Eric Ransom, Ben Schultz, Jake, Ryan Sauls, Zach and Jake, and Kevin Dillard...I know I'm probably forgetting someone significant...THANK YOU ALL!

Since it took 5 years for it to come back to Philadelphia, I can safely say that I look forward to attending all the other cities hosting tournaments in the next coming years!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weekend Schedule

Schedule for the East Side Polo Invitational 6, Presented by FUZE, in Philadelphia, PA:

Friday, June 10
-Court board/wood loading 9am-11am at Marco's house [1226 S.27th Street]
-Court assembly 11am-2/3pm at Rizzo Rink [100 Washington Ave, at Front Street]
-Pick-up noon-8pm at Rizzo
-Polo-cat Race, presented by WeSC, registration at 6pm at Bob n Barbaras [1509 South Street, home of the $3 pbr and jim beam special]
-Polo-cat finish 8pm at Rizzo
-Group ride to Registration party at 9pm at Tattooed Mom's [530 South Street]. We are on the main street level, there is also the art show going on upstairs [Yet to be Named Art Show]
-Party goes until 2am or whenever you want to head out

Saturday, June 11
-Organizers and early birds arrive to set up 7-8am
-Official welcoming at 9am
-Swiss rounds, AM bracket, begin immediately following
-Finish AM bracket no later than 2pm, hoping for 1pm
-PM bracket teams arrive at 1pm
-Following completion of the AM bracket, PM bracket official welcoming, estimated 1-2pm
-Swiss rounds, PM bracket, begin immediately following
-Completion of PM brackets estimated to be from 5-6pm

Saturday night:
There are no official plans for this evening. This is a large group and I'm more than positive that we can communicate amongst each other and find things to do that will suit everyone, should they feel like going out or doing anything.

Sunday, June 12
The top 12 teams from both brackets will advance to the double ellmination play on this day, making it 24 teams in total
-Organizers and early birds arrive at 7-8am to set up
-All teams arrive at the courts at 9am
-Announcements if any
-Begin double elimination rounds immediately following
-Around noon-1pm we will take a lunch break
-Continuation of play after lunch
-Estimated finishing time no later than 7pm
-Awards Ceremony
-pack it up

Sunday Evening:
For anyone still here for Sunday and want to go out, celebrate, have fun, be in some air conditioning, there is a karaoke night at Bob n Barbaras, start of the polo-cat. There's other things to do...again it's up to you.

Housing- I have sent out emails to all those that have requested housing connecting you with your host. If they do not reply to an email please send them a text and let them know when you're coming. They'll help you find your way to their houses, but not everyone drives or will be off work when you arrive. Please work this out for yourselves. Worst case scenario you come to the courts and we deal with it then.

Parking- There is lots of parking around the facility. There is parking at the front, closest to Washington Ave, as well as to the south of the courts under the same freeway, I-95, that we'll be playing under, as well as street parking, although we encourage lot usage as we're trying to keep the neighbors on our side. Thanks.

Transportation from the Airport- Depending on the time you arrive in Philly depends on how good the cabbie rates are, but since it's friday expect it will cost at least $25. Off the meter flat rate to south philly is $28, be wary. You can reserve a super shuttle online,, and it's not that bad, but they do usually have many stops, it might take a bit more time to get to your destination. The best way into the city, without a ride of course, is on the SEPTA transit line. plan your trip to end at 30th Street Station and it's about a 40-55min train ride to just west of center city. It'll either cost $3 or $3.50 depending on when you get in. It leaves every half an hour. You will see signs in the airport when heading towards baggage claim. This brings you in close enough to put bikes together and ride, or get on the subway system, or cab it from there...

Registration Party- This is not mandatory, but I'd rather not have to lug more stuff to the courts the following day

If anyone is in a jam or really needs to contact me you can directly at 215 779 9293, please only do this if you are lost, confused, injured, or simply cannot deal with Philadelphia in any way. If it is something a normal adult should be able to figure out please do that first. [And I'm not trying to be mean, but I am still very busy. thx]
See you all today/Friday/Saturday!

Thank you

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



Guinea Pigeons
The Fur Trappers
Bad Boy Things
Boston Cremes
Empathic Silicone
God Damn It Bruce
Philthy Couriers
Shit Squad
Toronto Raptures
Total Chaos
Immaculate Contraption
Polo Bears
Road Apples
The Lizzies
The Coven
Welcome to Planet Motherfucker
Team Butt Stuff

Leave it to Beaver Boys II Men
Silent Majority
Shut Up Dude
Bipolar Bears
DC Shattered Glass Farm
Nice Guys
Cycle Killers
Slaughterhouse Polo
Smoking Babes Smoking Weed
The Leper Colony
DeHart Park Polo
Banned From the Children's Museum
CoCo Kiwi
I drank DE water and turned out just fine
Maple Syrup Urinators
Swoop the Dang Dang
The Lone Gunmen
Winter Hill Gang
I am emailing all of the team contacts this information as well.
if there is some reason I don't know already about what bracket you need to be in for a good reason then please have your team leader reply back to my email and we'll go from there.
This list is not official until the morning of, but will most likely stay this way.
schedule info to come.

Friday, May 27, 2011


In what seems to be a sport unlike any other in the "underground" or "renegade" or "evolving" sport categories, hardcourt bike polo is now at a point where corporate identities, such as FUZE®, are taking a more serious look at how to get involved before it's too late.

Like skateboarding in it's infancy, hardcourt bike polo gets it's fair share of raised eye brows and questionable looks. Lately though, the media, company adaptation/creation, and level of play have propelled the sport to the brink of the general populous' attention. So, the next step in this evolution is support and funding.

ESPI VI is proud to announce the help of FUZE® as our title sponsor!!!! The caliber of our event just increased because of their involvement! We will be able to provide all participants and spectators with refreshing drinks all day long, both days!!!! This is essential when considering the heat of summer and the active play everyone will be engaged in.

You can check out everything FUZE® here:
Follow twitter here: @FUZEBeverage

A special thanks to Jim at FUZE® for helping out with this and making it come true for Philly Bike Polo!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vendor/Organizers area

So far we have a demo planned in this space, a couple of clothing designers, reload bags, reanimator coffee, and [hopefully] a mechanics tent. We are also hoping to have A-Frame stands so we can keep the bikes hanging to prevent the chaos that crowds the ground at many a tournament.
Mornings will have coffee and some kind of breakfast stuff...for everyone to enjoy. Looking into hot food but we'll see. Lunch is on you, but we have arranged for a local food truck to stop by and hang out for both days. They pretty much have everything, and are affordable. See a forthcoming map with other nearby options...
Demon Cats Photography,, will be on site to take TEAM PHOTOS! after which they will be posted on their site to share...

More to come for this area.

If you know someone/something that would be interested in showing, selling, or renting for any other reasonable purpose a space at our event, please let me know or have them email me directly at


hey so we have this really awesome friend of friend to polo making us nets for ESPI!
here is a preview photo of one net, without the netting ironically.

I believe the sizes are the length of a bike and the height of the average top tube...angled corners...piping so as not to be a severe danger to the body should you plow into one while playing!

the date is getting closer! can't wait people!

Monday, April 11, 2011



Teams may not submit registration prior to this date and time. If they do they will not be considered as registered.
Registration for ESPI 6 can be found following this link:

Teams must COMPLETE the registration form in full to be considered entered. The team members may change between now and the tournament, so yes a placeholder name can be used, but this cannot change your in or out of region status as a team. Teams will have one week to make payment and be considered entered in the tournament. Should a team fail to pay on time they will be removed from registration and the next team on the waiting list will be notified. Waiting lists will be in and out of region based.
The fee for this tournament is $60 PER TEAM.

All registered teams can be found by following this link:
The top 36 teams in region and the top 12 teams out of region will be notified immediately.

Should the spots not fill up with regional teams, ANYONE can enter the tournament as a full team after APRIL 26th. 

Good luck registering everyone!!!!