Monday, April 11, 2011



Teams may not submit registration prior to this date and time. If they do they will not be considered as registered.
Registration for ESPI 6 can be found following this link:

Teams must COMPLETE the registration form in full to be considered entered. The team members may change between now and the tournament, so yes a placeholder name can be used, but this cannot change your in or out of region status as a team. Teams will have one week to make payment and be considered entered in the tournament. Should a team fail to pay on time they will be removed from registration and the next team on the waiting list will be notified. Waiting lists will be in and out of region based.
The fee for this tournament is $60 PER TEAM.

All registered teams can be found by following this link:
The top 36 teams in region and the top 12 teams out of region will be notified immediately.

Should the spots not fill up with regional teams, ANYONE can enter the tournament as a full team after APRIL 26th. 

Good luck registering everyone!!!!

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